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Olman started his musical education learning various instruments, ultimately deciding to focus on the drums and fostering his growth as a musician as a drummer in several different bands. He continued his musical education by studying audio engineering. During his studies he began his work, recording music.
His musical experience coupled with the desire to consistently learn more about audio engineering led to his decision to pursue a career as a record producer.

By sharing several studios with different producers from various genres, Olman knows how to get the best sound out of any gear in any room. He enables artists to create their very own unique sound, by recording bands using every possible signal-chain.

In addition to producing music, Olman travels to rehearsal rooms and band camps, to share his knowledge with up and coming bands and teach musicians the world of recording, mixing and mastering.

From full-bodied drums and bony bass, to the smooth, shiny, but rough guitars and the singer’s individual voice aesthetic, Olman creates a four-dimensional sound, giving every single instrument the best place in the recording-mix it deserves.

Check out the latest interview with Olman at Messed!Up Magazine.


Polish up your tracks – for a warm, clean and punchy sound, that works in any medium.
If you want your tracks mastered, send us high-resolution files, with full dynamic-range and no limiter on the mixbus. It is possible to send stereo-mixes or single stems.
Hertzwerk is an official provider for Apple Digital Masters – high resolution for streaming and downloads. Let us know which formats you need, as we offer digital files, DDP-Master for CD production and Vinyl premaster.


Olman combines digital tools and high end analog gear – it’s all there for an essential mix. The DAW is Pro Tools | Ultimate. It is possible to send a complete Pro Tools session or bounced single tracks. Please make sure that mono tracks are not bounced in stereo and provide a detailed track sheet and some background information.

Producing // Engineering

Olman loves to work with every band and project individually, whether it’s in his own studio or any other place with good vibes and good sounding rooms.

Interested in working with Olman? Feel free to send us an email or use the contact form.

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