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Hertzwerk is a boutique recording studio for producing, mixdown and mastering.
We have a big collection of well selected analog gear, as well as the latest digital tools.
The studio is part of the three-studio complex @chefrock-studios and located right by the Elbe in Hamburg – Altona, Germany.


Console: ADT 5-MT 24-Track, Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard
System: Pro Tools | HDX, Avid I/O, Apple MacPro, UAD-2 DSP
Monitoring: Amphion Two 18, ATC SCM 50A, Auratones, Yamaha NS10
Outboard: Manley, Neve, SSL, Crane Song, API, Chandler Ltd., Shadow Hills Industries, Retro Instruments, Thermionic Culture, Great River, Burl, Pendulum Audio, Purple Audio […]
Mics: Neumann, Royer, AEA, Sennheiser, AKG, Shure […]

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